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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Again, and not for the first time, I begin with apologising for the delay in this post. It's been more than a month this time, so don't say I don't keep my leadership on its toes.
This post is relatively short, and will subject itself (I don't think that's english) on my return from France. It's not that great, if I'm honest.

Dentistry (continued)

I still haven't got my tooth fixed. I found another dentist, waited in a waiting room for about half an hour (they said it'd only be 10 minutes), and then got told it was nothing serious. Given the fact that, thanks to the Welsh Assembly Government, my dentistry is free in Wales, I declined the kind madame's offer to patch it up for 68 euros. Obviously.


So my time in France is over. What an amazing country. So amazing in fact, here is the lowdown on the pros and cons of living there:

  • Culture. Experiencing new things is always good, and linguistically beneficial if you happen to be studying a language. (Good job I do French, which turned out to be a happy coincidence...)
  • Weather. Except for the winter, which was colder than Simon Cowell's heart, the weather was immense. Even when it's chilly it's still blue. And the spring and summer months are nay bad either.
  • Friendship. Going abroad is the best way to meet new people and make new friends. And I would know, I've got loads. Thanks to the language barrier mostly. You know what they say though; if it's on Facebook, it's official.

  • Culture. Bit of a culture shock at first. I know that my friends (you know who you are) who spent their Year Abroad in the Caribbean are scoffing at me right now. But I put it to them that distance bears no factor on cultural change. France is difference to Britain. Fact.
  • Supermarkets. I know we all love the planet, but why can't they give us plastic bags in supermarkets?! Bring you're own bag, it is. At least advertise it. I've lost count of all the times I've had to walk home from the Huit à 8 (who don't even have their own website - that's a Wikipedia entry), grimly trying to hold all my shopping in my arms. Once I smashed all my eggs before actually getting outside.
  • Leaving. When you've lived somewhere so vibrant and generally great as Toulouse, you never want to leave.

So there it is. As I know that literally thousands of people wait upon this blog with baited breath, in spite of my departure from France I will continue to update this blog every week or so. Lovely.

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  1. All the supermarkets in Aix had plastic bags. :P